Calling all coaches, speakers, authors, creatives and online entrepreneurs.

Feeling ready to take your brand to the next level?
(Or just start building the damn thing?)

We want to help you make it happen — and make it red hot — fo’ FREE.

Come join Jennifer Kem and her all-star lineup for:

A 5-day summit designed to help you set your…


…on FIRE with your genius, and hang with the hottest in the business, LIVE.

Join us absolutely free by dropping
your name and email below:

It’s 5 days of interviews + action steps to help you spark a red hot following, and set your brand and buyers ablaze with your brilliance

(sing it with us: “That Brand is on FIRE!”)

Brand experience expert Jen Kem has lined up the industry’s most brilliant minds in brand building, marketing, and systems for an epic week of training and action steps.

The goal?
To equip you with a plan to launch your next offering, or the next phase of your brand with strategic finesse and flow.

We’re here for 5-days of high power talks and exercises,
to transform your business from ‘stuck’ to sizzling

When: Wednesday, 9/27 to Sunday, 10/1

Where: Online, baby! You can watch in bed in your PJ’s, on the go on your cell phone, or anywhere with an internet connection.

Who: You, and thousands of like-minded digital business owners ready to turn their heartfelt mission into a powerful, positively-impactful money maker.

Cost: $0. Because you deserve to know this stuff, and transform your business and launch systems in the process.

Every day, we’ll do a check-in with you via email, so you can set your intention, and make a goal.

I’ll deliver a coaching session with a member of my team, OR one of my go-to hot-like-sauce expert influencer friends to teach you one key aspect of building
your brand.

You wind down your day
by cranking up the action, and taking one small
(but powerful) step toward your goals.

You get balls rolling, make things happen, and finish the week with the tools and advice you need to get your next big thing into the world — beautifully.

Come rock HOT DAMN BRAND week with us.

You’ve got nothing to lose but that stuck feeling.

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